When selecting the Hotsheet tab from the AMC Dashboard, 'Current Hot Leads' are listed as a count in the top left-hand side of the page in a green window. This is the total amount of current hot leads that have not been followed up with yet.

The list of specific hot leads and their corresponding contacts cards show vertically in the middle of the page under the header 'Hotsheet: Needs Follow Up". 8 total are shown at a time, but 'See More' can be selected below the last contact card in order to view a greater amount of leads. 

On the contact card is a Lead Score of: '1 flame' ranking all the way to '5 flames'. The more flames, the "hotter" the lead. 

This ranking system is based on proprietary algorithms that the Paperless Agent marketers have built into guiding the user towards the most pertinent leads in their email database.

Hot leads can be checked off this list by selecting the green 'I Followed Up' button, and they will disappear off the list. When leads are followed up on, they move to the 'Previous Follow Ups' window on the left-hand side of the page

Leads can be contacted via phone and/or email per the information given on the contact card. This information is clickable and will bring up default messaging services. 

Clicking on a contact makes a selection to where the contact can be edited on the far right-hand side of the page under 'Edit Contact'. 

If there are no current Hotsheet leads to follow up on, a message will appear in the window stating: "Congratulations! You have followed up with all your hot leads! Check back in later to see if you have more."