The XML Sitemap is basically a blueprint of your website. Uploading it to Google will help the search engine understand what our site is about, which will ultimately contribute to our site getting ranked higher in search results.

1. Navigate to your AgentID Site Dashboard

2. Hover over the Y icon, then click on XML Sitemaps

3. Click on the button that says “XML Sitemap"

4. This will generate several sitemaps, which look like URLs. You will need to enter all of these into Google Analytics. Copy the first sitemap to start.

5. Make sure you are logged into Google Analytics

6. Navigate to the Google Search Console:

7. On the lefthand navigation bar, select Crawl then Sitemaps

8. Click on the red "Add/Test Sitemap” button and paste the sitemap URL into the field

9. Since the domain is already populated, make sure that you remove that portion

10. Click on Submit

11. Click on Refresh the page

12. You will be able to review the information from Google Analytics on this sitemap on this page

13. Repeat this process for the remaining sitemaps