To connect your social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) in the Agent Marketing Concierge Dashboard for automated posting, please follow these instructions:

  1.   Step 1 - Sign into Facebook 
    • Click the "Sign In To Facebook" button in which you will be prompted to insert your login information
    • If you have multiple accounts, ensure that the account you are signing into is the profile that manages the Facebook Business Page you wish us to post to
  2.  Step 2 - Connect Your Accounts
    • Click the "Connect Your Accounts" button in which you will be brought to a new page that states: "Connect your Business Facebook & Instagram"
    • Click "Connect" under the Facebook card and follow the prompts to login to your Facebook Business Page
    • Click "Connect" under the Instagram card and follow the prompts to login to your Instagram Business Account
  3. Step 3 - Select Finish

This connection process may be completed while completing you intake form or by going to the account information page from the AMC Dashboard. For the latter, simply select your profile photo at the top-right of the page from the Dashboard Overview, and then select Account. You will find the "Connect Your Accounts" option under the Social Media Accounts card.