The Sync Manager is where you will finalize your import before adding it to your database.    


The Upload Completed panel on the left-hand side will indicate when the entire file has been imported and is ready to be added to your database. It also lists the number of contacts uploaded. 

Note that: the import flags duplicates that you may already have in your database and will exclude them from the upload. 

The middle panel lists all of the contacts brought in from the import, and you may use the Search bar to navigate the list. 

If you are satisfied with the imported list, click the green ‘Import Contacts’ button on the bottom-left of the screen to proceed in finalizing the import to your database.

If you wish to remove a contact(s), use the ‘green slider’ to include or exclude a particular contact(s). 

Multiple contacts may be included or excluded at one time by checking the “white box” next to the record’s Name and then by selecting one of the two options that will appear above the middle panel: red ‘Exclude’ or green ‘Include’ buttons.

WARNING: leaving the Sync Manager page during these steps without selecting Import Contacts will cease the import process; any inclusions and/or exclusions that you made to your import will have to be restarted as well as the entire import itself.

When using the Sync Manager for Sync Your Contacts (phone sync), the syncing process does allow you to leave the page, and the sync will continue to run until all the contacts on the account are uploaded and ready to import; however, any inclusions and exclusions will have to be restarted if you leave the page.