Your LinkMe Page URL is the link you should add to your Instagram profile. To find this link:

  1. Access your LinkMe account
  2. Click on "View Page"
  3. Copy the link that appears in your web address bar


  • I added my link to Instagram, but when I tap it, it asks me to login and doesn't show my clickable Instagram posts.

You have added the wrong link to Instagram. Do not copy the link that appears in your web address bar when you are in your LinkMe account under "Manage Links" or "Edit Profile." Instead, click on "View Page" in the left-hand navigation bar, and copy the link that appears on that screen.

  • My LinkMe Page URL has a bunch of random letters and numbers after

You have not yet personalized your LinkMe page URL. You can do so by clicking on "Edit Account" in the lefthand navigation bar, then editing the field under "Personalize URL." We recommend typing in your name or Instagram account handle here.