Links on Instagram do not work like they do on Facebook or in emails. If you type a URL in your post captions, they render as plain text, meaning that your followers cannot click on that link to be taken to the webpage you want them to go to. They can't even copy it to paste into their web browser! And this is a problem because it prevents you from providing the value necessary to build trust with your followers on Instagram.

The ONLY place you can add a clickable link on Instagram is on your profile, in a field labelled "Website." This link appears above your grid of posts on Instagram, below your bio, and is known by Instagram users as your "link in bio."

Common practice on Instagram is to use the phrase "check the link in my bio for more info" (or simply, "link in bio") in your post captions to refer your followers to your bio if they are interested and want to learn more about whatever it is you're posting about. 

So, for example, say you post about an open house you're hosting this weekend. You could publish a picture of the home, say "come join me at my open house on Saturday! Link in bio for the address and details," and your followers would know to visit your profile and click on your website link to see a webpage with more info about that open house.

However, you would need to update this link constantly to stay relevant to your newest posts -- you don't want the link in your bio to be last weekend's open house when you've got a new one coming up tomorrow. But if someone sees an older post from you that they're interested in, and the link in your bio isn't relevant to that post anymore, that's also an issue.

Enter: LinkMe.

LinkMe is the latest Agent Marketing Tool from the Paperless Agent. It syncs with your Instagram account and creates a landing page that looks just like your Instagram profile page... except that by tapping on the post your follower is interested in, they visit the link that will give them more info about it.

Using this tool, you give your followers the opportunity to get all the value from you they crave, which builds their trust in you as a competent market expert who they want to use for their real estate needs!

For more information on our "Link in Bio" strategy and how the LinkMe tool works, check out these resources: