The Agent Marketing Concierge costs only $297 per month. This is a fantastic deal when you consider what is being offered and the price of hiring a dedicated employee(s) to provide this service; the cost is THOUSANDS of dollars monthly, and you know this is true because you run a business.  

For less than $10 a day, the dividends become exponential when you let AMC run your sales and marketing. Don’t be your own “bottleneck” in your own practice; free up time for you to be elsewhere in the business. Not only will you thank yourself for the free time, but you will also utilize this new freedom to work on the many new leads generated by CONSISTENT sales and marketing in your business. Consistency is key and is most often what fails in marketing when burnout is experienced. 

Additionally, new AMC members remain with their access to any free and/or Marketing Club-level access they may or may not have had in paying the previous $67 a-month subscription; however, note that this subscriber fee will simply disappear when upgrading to AMC, leaving only the single monthly payment of $297. 

Members will still benefit from all the usual tools and resources they may have become accustomed to, like training webinars with Chris and Garry and the Monthly Value Program materials. All this is included along with the new benefits included in the 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System


AMC members will be asked to commit to a 3-month subscription to ensure they are able to adequately yield the results known to work by using this system; however, they may leave at any point after this time has expired.