Our team’s Agent Marketing Concierge is an exclusive service provided to our premium Marketing Club members to put your real estate marketing on AUTO-PILOT!

As veterans in the real estate field, Chris Scott (real estate digital marketer) and Garry Creath (listing expert agent) champion this program for our members because they know you need help…

  • Finding business consistently

  • Handling the business that you have

  • Finding time for yourself 

AMC provides a way to solve these challenges by taking your real estate marketing and business systems to a place where they can be managed with ease.

Garry and Chris know better than anyone that agents often become their own “bottleneck” in a real estate practice regardless of how much they “hustle” and position themselves with good intent. This is because the ‘core business systems’ to any good business are sales & marketing, operations, and finances, but these systems cannot be qualitatively managed by one or a few agents without eventual “burnout.”

Do not fall into the trap of handling all these systems on your own. Get the HELP you need and DESERVE. Set your sales & marketing processes into auto-pilot with Agent Marketing Concierge and make time for what you do best in your practice.

So how does AMC work?

Our team’s Agent Marketing Concierge takes your contacts and connections and puts them to work with a diverse 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System. This system is tried and true for success in current real estate markets with continuously updated media to match the landscape of what is working in the market RIGHT NOW. The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System consists of:

  1. Managing and posting to your blog (monthly) 

  2. Emailing your database (monthly)

  3. Social Videos (monthly)

  4. Posting to your social media (weekly)

  5. Direct Messaging to your clients 

This system promises in its diversification to generate leads that will result in more recommendations & referrals, increase your sphere of influence, produce repeat clients, and enhance your reputation. 

AMC is special because it takes this 5-step process and does 99% of the work for you!

After becoming a member of the Agent Marketing Concierge, you will be onboarded by dedicated staff members of our team who will guide you step-by-step into:

  1. How to set up your AgentID Site for AUTOMATIC blog posting

  2. Compiling your email list of contacts and connections for AUTOMATIC outgoing messages

  3. How to plan and create 1-minute social videos for monthly posting

  4. How to set up your Facebook Business Page and Instagram for AUTOMATIC bi-weekly posts

  5. When and how to direct message your clients for a personal-touch experience that will finalize leads for your practice

Our goal is to set this 5-step marketing plan in motion for your business, so let our team do the work for you. 

Take a breath and enjoy while our AMC team works tirelessly week-to-week to make sure that the content you have for your posts is up to date, relevant, and proven to work in the important markets; again, we do this so you don’t have to!