The Real Estate Digital Marketer (REDM) course and certification is designed to give real estate professionals the knowledge and practices to use digital marketing to promote and sell their clients' properties in today's digital age.

REDM certified agents will learn the fundamentals of marketing and the latest, most effective online marketing techniques. So when sellers go to find an agent who will do everything possible to market and sell a property, they'll know to turn to a REDM agent!

With REDM, you go through an extensive educational curriculum designed to equip you with a complete understanding of marketing principles and digital marketing best practices as well as implementation.

To access the REDM course, please login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard:

Once you are signed in, click on the REDM product card:

The program content is divided into several modules based on a topic for the course. You can navigate through the various topics by selecting the chapter and lesson titles on the left:

Make sure to click on the "Complete and Continue" button on the bottom as you progress through the course. Otherwise, you won't get your Competition Certificate!

Common Problems and How to Resolve

"I just purchased the REDM program and the program course card is not showing on my Dashboard when I login?"

  • Clear your cache and log back in. You should then see the REDM course on your Dashboard. How-To Clear Your Cache

  • If you're still not seeing it on your Dashboard, we will need to force a refresh of your account. Email us as with the subject line "REDM Access."

Returning to the Main Dashboard

To return back to the main Paperless Agent Dashboard, simply select the "Dashboard" option at the top.