Because the Club has been in existence since 2013, there is quite a lot of content! We've hosted over 100 member-exclusive training sessions, and authored hundreds of resources like checklists, templates, marketing pieces, and more.

If you want to review the materials we've created on a certain topic, such as Facebook Marketing for Real Estate or Using the Monthly Value Programs, then you should start first with the categorical views of the Resource Library and Filebox.

If you're looking for a specific resource or other item, however, you can also search the Marketing Club membership site by keyword. To access the search feature:

  1. Login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard
  2. Click on the course card titled "Training Library"
  3. Locate the green "Search" button on the lefthand navigation bar
  4. Type in your keyword and hit "Enter"

Below is an example of a search done in the Marketing Club membership site.