The Expired Listing Campaign Kit is composed of Marketing Emails, Reports, Videos and implementation videos for GoodLife Realty's Expired Listings Campaign. This program is designed to help you implement what we consider to be a cornerstone campaign for real estate: marketing to and converting expired listings.

To access the Expired Listing Campaign Kit, please login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard. 


Sign In to your Paperless Agent Dashboard

Once you are signed in, click on the Expired Listing Campaign Kit course card:

The program videos are divided into several sections.  Be sure to begin with the WHAT TO EXPECT section for a detailed overview of the program.

Common Problems and How to Resolve

"I just purchased the Expired Listing Campaign Kit and the program course card is not showing on my Dashboard when I login?"

  • Clear your cache and log back in. You should then see the Expired Listing Campaign Kit on your Dashboard. How-To Clear Your Cache

  • If you're still not seeing it on your Dashboard, we will need to force a refresh of your account. Email us as with the subject line "Expired Listing Campaign Kit Access."

Returning to the Main Dashboard

To return back to the main Paperless Agent Dashboard, simply select the "Dashboard" option at the top.