The iPad for Real Estate program is composed of about 100 videos that take you through the granular details of becoming a paperless real estate agent. The videos are all hosted online and made immediately available upon signing up, so you can view them at your leisure and take the training at your own pace. We cover which apps you'll need, how to download them, and how to use them to conduct your business. 

To access the iPad for Real Estate Program, please login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard. 


Sign In to your Paperless Agent Dashboard

Once you are signed in, click on the iPad for Real Estate product card:

The program videos are divided into several sections, ranging from getting started to buyer and seller transactions. Be sure to begin with the HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM section for a detailed overview of the program.

Common Problems and How to Resolve

"I just purchased the iPad for Real Estate program and the program course card is not showing on my Dashboard when I login?"

  • Clear your cache and log back in. You should then see the iPad for Real Estate course on your Dashboard. How-To Clear Your Cache

  • If you're still not seeing it on your Dashboard, we will need to force a refresh of your account. Email us as with the subject line "iPad for Real Estate Access."

Returning to the Main Dashboard

To return back to the main Paperless Agent Dashboard, simply select the "Dashboard" option at the top.