Though we attempt to select topics for the Monthly Value Programs (formerly called the Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns) that will be applicable for both US and Canadian markets, sometimes we do need to be specific. If a topic calls for a separate Canadian version, there will be files titled "Canada" for that month's campaign materials.

The blog posts auto-published to the AgentID Sites of Marketing Club members will, by default, be the US version of the MVP. Therefore, if you are located in Canada, you will need to manually edit the blog post to reflect the Canadian content.

This is very easy! Just follow the steps below. We've also filmed a tutorial to walk you through the process.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Download and open the Word document of the Canadian blog post from that month's MVP materials
  2. Highlight all the text in the document
  3. Right-click and select "copy"
  4. Navigate to your AgentID Site Admin Panel
  5. Click on "Posts" on the lefthand navigation bar
  6. Hover over the title of the existing AgentID Site blog post you want to edit and click on "Edit"
  7. Make sure you're in the "Visual" tab on the blog content box
  8. Select all the existing content and hit "Delete" on your keyboard
  9. Right-click in the empty content box and select "Paste"
  10. Adjust any formatting you'd like
  11. Click on "Update"

Visual Instructions