Advanced-Level Client Marketing

To where are you linking the new Calls to Action in the May Digital Campaign blog post?

  • Chris created two new landing pages for his two new CTAs for the May blog post. The first is here: The second is

  • He used the new Free Form Landing Page Template available through the AgentID Site to create these pages.

  • During the call, Chris added the hyperlinks to the CTAs before actually creating the landing page, but in

    practice, it will be easier for you to create the landing page first, then come back to the blog post and edit. This will allow you to copy the permalinks for your new landing pages without fear of typo or other error.

How can we use the AgentID Site landing pages with our own website?

  • All you’ll have to do is create the landing page on the AgentID Site and link to it through your own website. For example, say you publish a blog post on your own website, and your Call to Action suggests viewers sign up for market updates. The link you include can redirect to the landing page you create on your AgentID Site.

Is a “squeeze page” different than a “landing page”?

  • A squeeze page refers to a page that attempts to get a viewer’s contact information. Not all landing pages are squeeze pages.

Can we use our own photos with the Free Form Landing Page?

  • Yes! Just select the Free Form Landing Page template, then upload your own photos. We recommend a minimum file size of 1024x728 pixels. 
  • If you want to create a Market Updates Landing Page or a Home ValueReport Landing Page but use your own images instead of the photo packs we’ve included, you can use the FreeForm Landing Page and copy the text from the other page templates there.

Can you explain a permalink and how it is created?

  • A permalink refers to the permanent URL of a webpage. In the AgentID Site landing pages, the permalink is

    auto-filled when you name the page. The permalink should be descriptive of what’s on the page, but not toolong. This is so that search engines such as Google can correctly index them and give your website the credit itdeserves for being a source of quality content.

  • Read more about indexing and other SEO-related questions in our July 6, 2016 Coaching Session.

In one of your edited CTAs, you offer a search of homes that feature current design trends. What search criteria are youusing to create that search in your MLS?

  • We actually setup this particular search in a program called RealSavvy rather than in our MLS. You can learn moreabout RealSavvy by  checking out their website.

If you email someone who submitted their contact information through a landing page offering a home search, and they don’t respond, should you still setup a search for them?

  • Yes! You always want to make good on the promises you make, so you should still setup a preliminary search.Remember that though the contact may not be responding to you right now, they might later, and you want to maintain the trust you’ve created with them.

How can you automate it so that new contacts gathered through AgentID Site landing pages are added to our CRM?

  • When contact information is submitted through an AgentID Site landing page, you will receive an email notification to the email address connected to your AgentID Site. This notification will contain all the information gathered on that landing page. At this time, we are not aware of a way to automate this process, but the good news is that, since the number of new contacts gained through these landing pages will likely be small, you will not have to dedicate much time to entering in new contacts.

Can we have another menu option next to “Listings” and “Contact” for “Offers” and have a list of all these landing pages we’ve created?

  • The reason we haven’t done that is because we wanted you all to have the freedom to create as many landing pages as you want without worrying that they’re making your website look cluttered or spammy. However, Chris has been thinking about the menu a lot lately, so we might make that an option in the future.

Do you also use print materials in your marketing plan?

  • Yes! For example, Garry sends out a postcard to his farm area every few weeks. You can see a collection of the different postcards we’ve used lately in this download . The most recent one we’ve made available is the GoodLife Luxury Sample Postcard.

As you add people to your database, can you add them to your Facebook custom audience?

When you run an ad to a custom audience, can you also target friends of that custom audience?

  • This option, called Fans + Friends of Fans, appears when you Boost a post, which we do not recommend doing. Review video 8 in the April 19, 2017 Coaching Session to learn more about why we advocate using Ads Manager over Boosting a post.

Do you segment your database into buyers and sellers and then upload those lists into Facebook as separate custom audiences?

  • No. When we want to target buyers and sellers, we use Facebook’s advanced targeting features in Power Editor, as described in our Just Listed / Just Sold Facebook Ad Campaign Checklist .

  • When we upload our database to Facebook, we have to remember the context for why we’re directed ads to them: we’re trying to build and maintain their trust in us as real estate professionals and market experts. It is only secondarily that we’re trying to appeal to them as specifically buyers or sellers of real estate.

Are you no longer advocating the use of the PDF report that’s part of the Monthly Digital Marketing Campaign?

  • The cover email we include in the Support File of the Monthly Digital Marketing Campaign directs readers to first

    download the PDF report then visit our blog if they want even more information. If your audience is responding well to this strategy, then by all means keep doing it. You can either attach the PDF to the email itself, or you can host the edited report on your website, then include a link to download it in your email.

  • If you do not choose to send the PDF report as part of the email to your database, that’s perfectly fine too. The report would make great printed material to give away at open houses, or you can send them in regular mail. It’s all about what your clients are responding to.

What CRM do you recommend?

  • We use and recommend Realvolve. You can learn more about Realvolve and our CRM best practices in the January 20, 2016 Coaching Session
  • Paperless Agent Coaching Club members get a set of three workflows for free. The Cheat Sheet for that Coaching Club has the workflow installation instructions and code, so make sure to download it!

Do the Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns include material to post on LinkedIn?

  • Yes.  Download the May Digital Marketing Campaign, and you’ll see files for a LinkedIn Post and a LinkedIn Image. 
  • Instructions for how to publish a post to LinkedIn are available in the Support File.

Do you ever create Just Sold campaigns for homes you were the buyer agent on?

  • We have not. If you are legally allowed to in your market, and you have the consent of all the parties involved, then it would be worth testing.

Could you create a Home Seller Report and offer it on a Free Form Landing Page?

  • Yes, but our recent experience has been that that particular offer isn’t getting a very good response.