May Digital Marketing Campaign

What do you say in a voicemail message when your client doesn’t answer?

  • Let’s take the property tax protest campaign we’re using currently as an example. If he would need to leave a voicemail, Garry would say something like, “Hi Chris, this is Garry, I wanted to call and make sure you got my email about tax protests and how you could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars this next year. If you got it and need help, call me. If you didn’t get it, call me immediately.”

Who does Garry prospect to if he doesn’t do cold calling?

  • Garry prospects to his database. Everyone in there trusts him. He doesn’t delete anyone unless they die or opt out.
  • It’s less expensive to keep in contact with someone now so there is no reason to delete people from your


How does Garry emotionally deal with it when his past client hires another agent?

  • He first reflects on what he could do better next time to not lose that listing. 

  • Then he asks them why they didn’t hire him.

  • He recommends to always find out if your past clients have worked with another agent. This gives a chance to improve and learn from mistakes.

Will there ever be hands on seminar to work on what you’re talking about?