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Facebook Ads Workshop

Boosting A Post:

This is a very simple self-serve tool. It was designed to make it super easy to hit the 'Boost' button and spend money. Downfalls of using 'Boost Post' is that it is very limited on audience selection and placement tools. 

Boosting a post is designed to make it easy to promote a post to people that you are connected with already. So that would be those who have liked your page or are fans of your Business Page. 

Example of when you should Boost a Post: You have a video you've just finished shooting and you want all fans of your Business Page to see that video. You would then want to boost that post or video. 

This is a quick and easy way to increase the likely hood of your fans seeing said video. 

To recap, you would use 'Boost Post' If you wanted fans of your page to view a post, and to remind your fans that you are still relevant. You do not need to boost posts a lot, every once in awhile is enough to keep your fans engaged. 

Ads Manager:

You can access Ads Manager by going to www.facebook.com/ads/manage.

Ads Manager and Power Editor are very similar in that you can use them both to access the advertising platform. 

Ads Manager was designed to be an easy way to access the advertising platform, but is a little more sophisticated that the 'Boost Post' method. Ads Manager is was created as a wizard driven approach, to make it easy to use.  

Downfalls of Ads Manager is  the wizard driven approach, it can take a lot longer to create an ad than it does in Power Editor.