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Facebook Ads Workshop

When and why should I name my listing photos?

  • If you review our  10-Step Marketing Plan Checklist , you’ll see that we recommend you title the files for your listing photos with the full property address plus a descriptor of the picture, such as “Kitchen” or “Exterior.” The reason for this is to increase the SEO (search engine optimization) of these photos, which is just a fancy way of saying that this naming convention makes it easier for search engines like Google to help people find what they’re looking for.
  • This is important when you upload your photos to your website, but it’s not as crucial for when you upload images to Facebook.

What are your opinions on hashtags on Facebook?

  • We do not think hashtags on Facebook are very useful. 
  • They are more important to use on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

How do you engage with people who like your posts or Facebook Business Page?

  • Likes and shares are nice to have, but they do not require a response from you. If someone comments on something on your Facebook pages, however, then you can reply to them because they are opening dialogue with you.

What happens when you upload your contact list to Facebook and some of those contacts aren’t on Facebook?

  • They simply won’t be included. Facebook allows for you to upload multiple email addresses and phone numbers per contact to increase the likelihood that your contact’s profile is found.

How does Facebook determine the location of homeowners? Is it based on the city the person puts in their Facebook profile?

  • Not exactly. The information you volunteer on Facebook is used to match you with information collected by third-party data collectors, who are the ones that determine characteristics about you such as homeownership and income range.

How does creating multiple versions of the same ad cut advertising costs?

  • This process is called “split testing,” and it’s a tried-and-true marketing practice that helps you create an offer

    that resonates with your target audience. The better an offer resonates, the more likely a consumer will be to act

    on your message, which in turn means a lower conversion cost.

  • If you create multiple versions of an ad, Facebook will optimize the one that is performing better, which reduces

    the effort you have to put into the whole process. You can learn how to utilize split testing in Facebook with these checklists (Both can be found in the Coaching Call link at the top):

    • Analyzing and Improving Facebook Campaigns

    • Creating and Running a Split Test

Can you target renters?

  • There is a “Renter” option under the Residential demographic, but we haven’t used it because renters are not

    part of our marketing strategy, so we cannot report on how well ads perform using that audience targeting.

    We’d like to hear your experience using it if you have! Email us at  support@thepaperlessagent.com .

  • An alternative to try out would be to target your market area and exclude homeowners, which should therefore

    target people living in the area who are renting. We also have not tested this either, however.

People are clicking on my ad but not filling out my contact form on my landing page. Why?

  • The problem is likely with your landing page. 
  • The two most common reasons a landing page fails in this way is because it’s not compelling enough or because it doesn’t deliver on the promise made by the ad that drove the traffic there. 
  • Check out the end of the Q&A video in this Coaching Club Session for a more thorough explanation of this topic. You can find that at the link at the top of this page!