The following instructions are taken from the 'Facebook Ads Workshop' Coaching Call from 04/19/2017. For a video tutorial, copy and paste the link below into your browser. 

Facebook Ads Workshop

Log into your Facebook Business Manager. 

Go up to the top where you change between Ads Manager, Audience, etc. and click on 'All Tools

Next, go to 'Assets' and click on 'Audiences'

When you are on you Audience page you should see any past audiences you saved (Your page may not look exactly like Chris's if you do not have many saved audiences). You'll click the down arrow on 'Custom Audience' and click 'Create Audience'.

You'll then choose 'Customer File'.

You will need to have an exported list of contacts and email addresses, once you have that you'll click on 'Choose a file or copy and paste data'. OR if you have MailChimp you can click on 'Import from MailChimp'.


Next, you'll click on 'Upload File'.

Find your exported database file and click 'Open'.

Once you upload your database you will then see it on the page. Next, you'll need to click on the Identifiers to use. Chris recommends Email, Phone Number, First Name, and Last Name. Then click 'Next'.

You will then be asked to map your database. 

You'll want to map all Email and Phone numbers, you can map up to three emails. You don't need to map all of the fields, just a couple of them. 

Next, click on 'Upload and Create'.

If you are prompted with the following message, hit 'Upload Anyway'.

Your database will begin uploading.

When it is finished, click 'Done'.

You'll then need to wait for your new audience to become 'Ready'. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how large of a database you uploaded. 

Once it says 'Ready' and has the green dot, and the size, it is ready to be put to use!

You can use your Custom Audience in the 'Ad Set' section. It will be in a drop down list under 'Custom Audiences'.