Advanced Marketing Tips and Campaigns

Should we just let Facebook place the ad under the recommended settings?

  • Normally yes, unless you’re wanting to do a specific test.

How do we build an ad on Facebook?

  • Creating ads on Facebook follows the same process each time, with slight variations depending on the goal of your ad. Check out any of the previous Facebook trainings we have done in the Coaching Club Resource Library, particularly the session on the Just Listed Campaign and the Updated Open House Campaign .
  • If you have access to the Facebook Marketing for Real Estate program, check out the tutorials in there. Email us for the checklist for Facebook branded ads and use that to follow along.
  • Is there a Local Market Master module in our Coaching Club resources?
    Local Market Master is a four-module program that teaches you how to break into a local market and develop a strong presence there. Though it is a separate program from the Coaching Club, much of what we discuss inCoaching Club Sessions will help you gain mastery over your chosen farm area. If you are interested in the fullLMM program, please reach out to us at . There’s special pricing for members!

How much do you spend on the agent-branded ads and for how long?

  • For this specific campaign in the target zip code, Chris’ eventual goal is to spend up to five dollars a day. In conjunction with all the other local advertising, his budget for Barton Creek is about 500 dollars a month. However, this is on the steep side. Chris suggests starting in the $200-$300 range.
  • For Coaching Club members running this type of ad, Chris recommends that you spend a dollar or two a day

    and continue running the ad until you decide to change the creative. If your ad is performing well, gradually increase the amount of money spent on advertising.

How important is the photo in this ad?

  • On a scale of 1-10, maybe 11! The photo is extremely important! Image selection, quality, and variation is paramount.

“I ran lead generation on Facebook using lead generation and uploading addresses. I tested it for seven days with zero leads. Can you speak to how Facebook uses physical addresses? Is it effective?”

  • Chris hasn’t used physical addresses, but would test for longer than seven days. This goes back to when Chris was talking about campaign design in video five. To echo what he said there: it’s really important to look at the design of your campaign and the likelihood of each element producing the outcome that you want. Often times we have a habit of stringing together various marketing activities that won’t produce a result, we just hope they will. Consider the different parts of the ad campaign and how they are working. An effective Facebook ad won’t generate leads if the problem is with some other part of the process, such as the landing page.

Are you running these ads simultaneously to get the results in real time or do you have one week with one image, one week with a new tag?

  • Simultaneously. We recommend using the real-time split-testing feature provided by Facebook, which is happens automatically when you create one or more ad within an ad set. Facebook will automatically optimize whichever one is working best. This will also help with business costs.

  • Remember to focus on one thing at a time to control variation and compare results.