Updated Facebook Ad Campaigns - Open House

How do the Additional Listings get populated? Can we use other agents’ listings?

  • Additional Listings on your AgentID Site Property Landing Pages are populated from the listings to have added to your AgentID Site. They will show the three most recent Property Landing Pages you have created. Listings cannot be fed in from the MLS; you must manually add them. See how to add listings to your AgentID Site in Video 6: Adding Listings .
  • If you would like to feature other agents’ listings on your AgentID Site, you first must ask permission from the other agent. Then you will need to manually add their listing, including home details and pictures, to your AgentID Site.

What are the recommended parameters for Facebook carousel ad images?

  • As for all your marketing, we recommend that you use high-resolution photos of the home in your carousel ad. Facebook recommends a size of 1080 x 1080 pixels, and you can crop the image once you upload it so that the card focuses on the part of the image you want to highlight.

How is a budget for a Facebook ad used? What is the difference between link clicks and impressions?

  • There is an important difference between how your campaign budget is used and how you get billed. For example,

    if your campaign objective is “Link Clicks,” you can create a budget around how many link clicks you get on your ad. Facebook will then find the people who are most likely to not only find value in your ad, but who are also most likely to click on it.

  • If you change your budget to be based on impressions, it will not in any way impact the effectiveness of your ad.Facebook will still show your ad to people who will find value in it, but it will not charge you based on how many people actually click on the link. Instead, your budget will be spent getting your ad in front of as many people as possible.

How many cards do you recommend for each carousel ad?

  • You can add up to five cards in each carousel ad, but we recommend using three images per ad, plus one “See More” card, which is automatically populated by Facebook.

Will the Facebook ad post to your Facebook Business Page?

  • Setting up the ad the way we have instructed in this training session will not place the ad on your Facebook Business Page. You will need to manually share the ad in order to have it appear on the Timeline of your Business Page.

When you set up a carousel ad, can you have URLs pointing to other listings on my website or the MLS?

  • Yes! A feature of the carousel ad is that each card can point to a different URL. The campaign we demonstrated in this training has all the cards (except the See More card) pointing to the open house URL, but you can use multiple URLs if you want to.

Is the auto-published content on the AgentID Sites relevant to Canada?

  • Yes. Part of the  Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns  that we create for Coaching Club members as part of your

    membership is blog posts on industry topics that your network will likely find of great interest. If you have yourAgentID Site setup, we will auto-publish these blog posts for you on the first Wednesday of every month. We try to pick topics that will be applicable to US and Canadian audiences alike, and when the content needs it, we will write multiple posts.

  • If you do not use AgentID Sites, we also give you the text of the blog post for you to add manually to your own website.

Can you add multiple dates to the Open House feature on the AgentID Site Property Landing Pages?

  • No. If you have multiple dates for an Open House scheduled, you will need to promote one at a time.

Is it possible to have one AgentID Site for a team?

  • There are two options if you are part of a team trying to use the AgentID Site. First, you can have the individual members of your team create separate AgentID Sites. For this option, each member of the team will need to have their own Coaching Club membership. 
  • For the second option, you can brand one AgentID Site as the team itself. For example, a husband-wife team have a shared AgentID Site that features a picture of the both of them and a bio written from the team perspective. 

Since the AgentID Sites are built on WordPress, are there any future plans to release the AgentID Site landing pages as stand-alone templates for those of us who already have WordPress sites?

  • Perhaps! We will release more information on this as it becomes available.

Do you have a resource on how to build a Just Listed / Just Sold Facebook ad campaign?

Can you target people from out of state in your Facebook ad campaigns?

  • Yes. You’ll just select the areas you would like to target in the Ad Set of your campaign.

Should you still create an event on Facebook to promote an open house?

  • No, the event by itself will not get enough traffic to justify the investment of time.

Is creating an ad in Ads Manager more effective than Boosting a post?

  • Yes. We only use Boost Post when we publish something to our Facebook Business Page that we want all or most of our fans and friends of fans to see.

Is the “Likely to Move” behavior effective to use when targeting sellers?

  • Yes. We also include the “Homeowner” demographic. You can learn more about our audience targeting practices in the  Just Listed / Just Sold Campaign Checklist .

Can we mirror these practices on our own websites?

  • Yes, absolutely.

Is there a limit to how many Property Landing Pages we can add to our AgentID Site?

  • No! You can add as many Property Landing Pages for as many listings as you can sell.

Should we remove listings from our AgentID Site?

  • No, we recommend keeping all your listings on your AgentID Site and simply changing the status of the home to reflect what’s happening to it. Having a lot of listings on your site will establish social proof to your website visitors.

What else besides open houses can landing pages be used for?

  • Almost anything you can imagine! For example, check out our November 16, 2016 Coaching Club Session for a full implementation plan on how to setup and use Market Update Landing Pages to find and filter motivated real estate clients.