Using Market Updates to Find and Filter Motivated Clients

How-To Create A Landing Page

Can this landing page be used in a Facebook ad campaign?

  • Yes, but we can really only recommend marketing this to people in your database because we have not yet tried marketing it to cold traffic. If you feel comfortable creating an ad campaign driving traffic to a MarketUpdate landing page, please let us know how it goes!

I’m having a client party, and I want to send an electronic invitation. Could I use the same process of creating a custom list in Facebook for this purpose?

  • Yes. Create an event for your party on Facebook, then you can promote that event to your custom list.

What frequency of updates from the MLS do you recommend sending these leads?

  • Once a day, every day. This is because our market changes so fast. You should choose a frequency that makes sense for your market first, then adjust the frequency based on your lead’s preferences.

So uploading your client list as a CSV file to Facebook helps you find people in your database on Facebook who are not already connected to you?

  • Correct! This allows you to market to people that you wouldn’t have been able to before because you were not already friends with them or they had not liked your business page.

When a lead fills out the contact form, where does the notification go?

  • You will receive an email from that contains the lead’s contact information. You will need to follow up manually with this lead.

Can I also share this landing page on my personal Facebook profile?

  • Yes, but not as frequently as you would on your business page. Once a month should be about right, and you should share the post from your business page to your personal profile.

Can I access the site photos without setting up a Market Updates landing page on my AgentID Site?

  • Yes! The images are available for you to download in the Market Updates Landing Pages Stock Photos resource.

I don’t understand why we would only want to market this landing page to past clients.

  • If your past client is 12-18 months out from wanting to a buy or sell a home, how would you know that they are

    thinking about making a move? According to a study by the NAR, their first step is to turn to the internet for more information — not to reach out to you. On average, a person won’t contact an agent until about 3 months before they’re ready to make an offer or sign a listing agreement.

  • In those months between when our past client starts thinking about making a move and actually contacting an agent, they’re requesting information from other sources, giving other people a chance to build a relationship with our past client. If we’re not reminding our client that we also can provide them valuable knowledge, they might choose to work with one of those people. In fact, only 22% of the time, clients work with the same agent again for precisely this reason.

  • Sending your past clients this Market Updates offer is a subtle way to find and qualify those people in your database who are thinking about making a move so that you can start paying more attention to them... before someone else does.

If someone doesn’t provide their name or area on the contact form, should you still set up a search for them?

  • Yes.

I use Boomtown, and I think it would be better to send these leads updates from that platform rather than the MLS.

  • We used a platform similar to Boomtown to send market updates in the past, and we found that when people got really serious about moving, those updates weren’t enough, so we ended up setting them up with a search in the MLS eventually anyway. That being said, if you personally want to use Boomtown or other similar systems to send updates, you absolutely can.

How can you send market updates to someone if you don’t know how many bedrooms, square footage, etc. that the lead is interested in?

  • The more information you request of a lead up front, the less likely they are to fill out your form. Therefore, the initial contact form is meant to be a conversation starter. 
  • As you communicate with the lead, you can refine their search.

Should you setup the lead with a portal as opposed to an email notification from the MLS?

  • It depends on how easy your software makes it for your lead. Remember that the more resistance the lead experiences at the beginning, the less likely they will be to fill out your contact form, open your emails, etc.

Do you have to do a map search? Could you setup a subdivision search instead?

  • Yes. In fact, you can make Market Update landing pages for subdivisions, specific builders, certain price points — anything you want!

Does the message that accompanies the MLS change each time?

  • Our MLS allows to customize each message, so we edit the first one, then have a generic message for all subsequent communication. Your system may be different, however, so please reach out to your MLS support.

What statuses do you include in your MLS search?

  • We include all homes in these Market Update searches: active, pending, sold, etc. This will allow them to see the activity of the market and starts educating them, which will make working with them in the future a lot easier.

Will you be adding new photo packs to these landing pages? Can we submit photos to you?

  • We will be adding new photo packs in the future. In theory, allowing you to upload your photos would be easy to do, but the problem is that pictures can make or break a landing page, and we don’t want to provide you with a product that doesn’t work. 
  • This may be an offering eventually, but we’re not going to promise it at this time. If you really want to use your own photos, you could replicate these Market Update landing pages on another landing page service.

Will you be including a landing page on the AgentID Sites for “What’s My Home Worth?”

  • Yes. The AgentID Sites will eventually have a “What’s My Home Worth?” landing page, as well as landing pages to offer a home buyer or home seller guide. As we release these, we will provide training on them.