Open House Campaign

I do not have this website you are using (the AgentID Site).

  • AgentID Sites are included in your Paperless Agent Coaching Club membership! 
  • Login to your Paperless Agent Dashboard here, then click on the course card that says “AgentID Site” to get started. Refer to Video 3of this Coaching Club Session to see a demonstration of setting up an AgentID Site. How-To Setup Your AgentID Site

Where do you find the Facebook Pixel?

  • Login to your Facebook account, then visit the Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll click on the three bars icon near the top left corner of the page, then select “Pixels” under the “Assets” heading. 
  • Review a demonstration of this in Video 3 of this Coaching Club Session.

How does Garry get open houses from other agents?

  • He has developed relationships with them, goes on all caravan tours and knows when meetings are. He also promises (then delivers on the promise) to create a report detailing a listing’s online and physical activity during an open house campaign.

Why shouldn’t you promote events?

  • No you should! However, create an event on Facebook and promote that instead.

How many days before an open house should we post the event?

  • Usually 24-48 hours beforehand. They do not need lots of promotion time as most people decide to attend an open house on the day or day before the event.

Are the directional signs for open houses double sided?

  • Yes they are.

What WordPress Plugins do we use for adding the new Facebook tracking pixel?

  • The new Pixel requires that you only put the code in once. 
  • Follow the demonstration in Video 3 of this Coaching Club Session for this.

If I am offering to do an open house for another agent and offer to do the report for them, there is no loss to them but our benefit is to secure a buyer as well as building the brand?

  • Yes! An open house is a massive opportunity for you to create valuable connections. You can ask attendees questions like “What do you think of the home?” and following up with quality information, such as offering alternative listings which may be of interest to them. The main goal is to build relationships and create opportunities for leads.

What target audience do you suggest in Canada as we do not have access to the “Likely to Move” demographic?

  • We need to do some research and will get back to you on this one.

Are the signs put out on the day of the open house or before?

  • In the morning, on the day of the open house.

Why don’t you have your name or phone number on the open house sign?

  • They they are directional signs, and it also allows multiple agents in our office to share.

Does he put an address on the signs?

  • Only on the ‘For Sale’ signs.

How many signs do you use per house?

  • Depends on the house and how many surrounding streets there are. On average, however, Garry tends to use roughly a dozen signs per open house.

When you get the report to the seller, do you also provide any leads contact information?

  • We do not give individual names, but rather an aggregate of information on the online and physical traffic.

Is it worth doing an open house for a property outside town which doesn’t have much traffic?

  • Yes, it is always worth it! You are not just targeting passersby, but people in the market, which is why advertising a Facebook event to a relevant audience is so effective.

If I have the old Pixel installed, do I need to go on each page and change it?

  • Yes.

If I am part of a team, do I use my team name or my own name for the AgentID Site?

  • Use your own name. The AgentID Site is intended to enhance your personal identity online.

Is it not confusing to have another brokers ‘For Sale’ sign up at the open house?

  • In practice, having two brokerage’s signage is not a big problem and is easily explained to any attendee who bothers to ask about it. 
  • Moreover, it is not worth you doing the open house without being able to get some brand exposure.

I have noticed your video on the property site on the AgentID site. Do you recommend placing your videos there instead of YouTube? 

  • We use both. YouTube is recommended though.

How do you activate the IDX for the website?

  • The AgentID Site is not meant to be a full-fledged primary website, currently. Therefore, it does not allow for an IDX integration.

Can you show us how to get the traffic information for the pages on our AgentID Sites?

  • If you setup a Google Analytics accounts, then you can track this. 
  • Review our September 21, 2016 Coaching Club Session for more information on how to setup and use Google Analytics on your AgentID Site.