My call to action is at the end of every video I put on the property landing page, but nowhere else. Is this wrong?

  • It’s not wrong to have a call to action there, but make sure there are other offers available on the website beyond the video. That way a call to action is readily available for visitors who don’t watch the video or watch all of it.

Is there a call to action on the AgentID sites?

  • It’s coming soon.

How do you get the Facebook video code?

  • After you post a Facebook Live video, there is an icon at the bottom for an embed code. Copy that code and drop it in your AgentID page.

Even really good sites like Amazon don’t necessarily score well on the speed and mobility tests. Are there other ways I can test my website?

  • Good point! All sites will have issues sometimes since the web is constantly changing and evolving. You can always evaluate your website by opening it up through a private browser window (where it cannot rely on any cached information) and seeing how fast it loads.
  • If the tools don’t seem to be working, go based on your own experience of your site and how well it seems to be working.

Are the AgentID sites going to be full-featured like all the details you described today?

  • We are committed to improving the AgentID sites and including more features. 

Can you recommend any website providers with functionality?

  • Chris recommends Real Savvy. We are working with them on our new website and in the upcoming months, an offer should be available to you.

How can I work creatively with the limited templates offered by a host platform?

  • It depends on the host platform. For example, on WordPress theme templates you can use plugins and create custom pages. With a service provider, you’ll have to go through their customer service team.

What is the difference between linking someone to a listing on my website instead of a landing page?

  • If the listing is permanently on your website, then that’s a property landing page. 
  • If the listing is being produced by an IDX feed, then it will not be there when the listing comes off the market.

Are virtual tours considered videos even though they are just photos and music?

  • These can be considered one aspect of video. We recommend also doing a Facebook live video as you tour a listing and embedding that on your landing page.

Do you have suggestions on paying somebody to do your property landing page on a contract basis? How much do you think it would cost?

  • It varies depending on what you are looking for. Make sure you ask questions up front to identify your needs and know what features you may want to include or forego. 
  • Starter websites can be found for 1,000-2,000down and 200 a month, or, at the brokerage level, cost typically runs from 10,000-25,000 for a full suite of services.

I’m just getting back into the business after taking a few years off. Should I still include Sold listings on my property landing page?

  • We do not have a definitive yes or no answer to this question, but consider these points: 
    • If you are out of the business for a number of years, it might be misleading to have these listings on your website, especially if they have resold. However, if you’ve only been out of the business for one or two years, and if the listings you want to include haven’t been sold again, gone under contract, or been listed again, it may be okay to list them.

How would you advertise an open house Facebook ad that you are hosting?

  • We recommend creating an event for the open house on the business page and creating a Facebook ad to promote that event.
  • Generally people will not register or say they are interested, they will just show up. 
  • We spend about thirty dollars per open house marketing it to people likely to move in those zip codes.
  • Tip: Refer to our Open House Coaching Club Session for more information about how to do an open house.

What is your bounce rate on website traffic?

  • Bounce rates depend on the type and category of page and therefore are very relative. For website landing pages, Chris recommends using your own bounce rate as a gauge to track changes you make. 
  • For example, offer more properties for a person to view after landing on your page, and compare the bounce rate to what it was before you made the changes.

Can a blog on a website be considered a property landing page?

  • Yes, a blog post about a specific property would be considered a property landing page.

I’ve set up my AgentID site, but when I Google myself, I don’t see my page under the search results. Why?

  • We don’t guarantee that your page will show up under Google right away. 
  • To ensure that, in time, your page ranks, we suggest doing the following:
    • Make sure your description has your name, location, and profession.
    •  Make sure all your social media accounts are connected in the account settings portion of the AgentID site.
    • Make sure that the descriptions and bios of those social media accounts also have your name, location, and profession.
    • CAVEAT: If you owned the URL before, there’s a chance it may not work, which is why we recommend using a new domain for the AgentID Sits

After a property listing is sold or off the market, should I keep it up on my website?

  • Yes, these listings are your history of proven results!

How does this apply to agents who only work with buyers?

  • For agents that only work with buyers, the AgentID site functions as a professional profile page where you can update content from time to time. In these cases, the property landing pages are not as important.

How do you get in front of the Zillow and Trulia listings in Google?

  • The best way to increase the likelihood of getting listed high in the search results is creating property landing pages for specific listings with weighted content and SEO mechanics, and paid Facebook ad campaigns foreach property landing page.

Can the AgentID site be used as the main website?

  • If you’re on your own, then yes. 
  • If you’re a team or brokerage, you’ll need more than an AgentID site, but they are a good option for your agents.

How do you incorporate your logo onto the map? What about lifestyle maps?

  • See the video tutorial in the webinar.

Who do you use for IDX?

  • We use a private developer, but there are lots of great services out there.

Is it absolutely necessary to establish an online presence instead of knocking on doors and cold calling?

  • Yes, having a website is a necessity, even with door knocking and cold calling.

Can I do a CMA in the current AgentID site?

  • Not yet, but in the future we are hoping to integrate something with similar functionality.

When we send the PDF newsletter from the Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns, are we sending it as an attachment or in the body of an email?

  • There is, or should be, a difference in the types of emails you send to your database. There will be the designed, formatted messages such as market updates that you’ll send using an email marketing system likeMailChimp or GetResponse. Then there are the messages that should feel more personalized by not having all the design elements. The email template included in the Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns is an example of this kind of more personalized email. How-To Access Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Therefore, we highly recommend that you use your personal business email account rather than an email marketing system to send these PDF newsletters. You’ll simply open your Gmail or Yahoo or whatever, copy the email template, paste it into the body of an email, and attach the PDF to as an attachment. If you must use an email marketing platform, do not include the PDF as an attachment. Instead, you’ll want to host the PDF online then link to it in your email.

Can you demonstrate using Realvolve?

How do you upload phone numbers of your contacts into Facebook?

  • You can invite your contact list to like your Facebook Business Page for free by uploading it to Facebook.

    Navigate to your Business Page’s notifications and find the “Invite email contacts” link on the lefthand side of

    the screen. Select “Upload contact list file” then click on “Upload list.”

  • See a demonstration of this process in the Coaching Club Session.

  • To use run ads to your list using their phone numbers, you’ll need to create a custom audience and target an

    ad to that audience. You can learn how to create custom Facebook Audiences in the October 19th, 2016Coaching Club Session, in the video segment titled “Integrating the Facebook Pixel.”

Can you save text messages in Realvolve?

  • Yes! You can message clients directly through Realvolve.

What landing page service do you recommend?

  • There is, The AgentID Sites! The AgentID Sites will soon offer two types of landing pages: a listing status page (which is already available!) and a market stats update offer page! How-To Create A Landing Page
  • Also check out for more templates.

Do you have any ideas for postcards to send to contacts during the winter?

  • Yes! You can download our sample postcard on this Coaching Call.

Does “average commission” on the Good Business Planner “Assumptions” tab refer to the total commission or your agent split?

  • It refers to your agent split. If you have an 80/20 split with your broker, for example, you would have a 2.4%average commission.

Do you split each commission check into different accounts?

  • Yes, Garry has a “bucket” system which automatically portions out each deposit into various bank accounts. He recommends setting up a “Cashflow Bucket” to receive all deposits, then a “Tax Bucket” and an “InvestmentsBucket” (both are checking accounts) that each receive 20% of every commission check. He also has a “RainyDay Bucket,” a “Debt Payoff Bucket,” and a “Dreams Bucket,” among others.

What do you invest in?

  • Consider reinvesting in your business, such as lead sources and marketing. In that vein, we recently launched a new program called the Local Market Master, which is designed to help you break into a new market and make more money. Email for more information on this training program!

If we already have REDM, do we get access to the REDM Live classes?

  • If you have already invested in the Real Estate Digital Marketer Certification course, you will have access to the REDM Live classes we will begin hosting this month. If you have not already signed up for REDM and would like more information,  please visit our website . Coaching Club members get a hefty discount on the program, so please email us at  if you would like to join.

How often should we post things to our AgentID Site or blog?

  • We automatically publish the blog post from the Monthly Digital Marketing campaign to your AgentID Site on the first Wednesday of every month. This is sufficient to demonstrate to the people searching for you online that you are, in fact, still currently doing business in real estate. 
  • Beyond that, we recommend that you put less value on the frequency of posting and focus more on the quality of what you publish. If you have something valuable to communicate to your audience, then post it, but don’t force yourself to adhere to a schedule if you don’t actually have something of high quality to post.

For the Market Updates Landing Pages, will there be options for other photo packs? Can I use my own photos?

  • The photo pack themes that we’ve included on the Market Updates Landing Pages in the AgentID Sites were specially chosen with lead conversion in mind. We do plan to release more photo options in the future. On the rest of the AgentID Site, you can already use your own photos!

How does the Market Update Landing Page pull my local MLS info?

  • It does not. These landing pages are designed to collect leads on people who are interested in real estate in a particular area, then send you that contact information for you to follow up on. You can learn more about the exact process of using these landing pages in the November 16th, 2016 Coaching Club Session.

Should I stand or sit when I’m making a video?

  • Chris recommends sitting initially to limit your initial fidgeting. However, if you’re filming a property tour video, you will have to stand in order to walk through the home.

How many tags are too many?

  • This question refers to the tags we added to the videos we upload to Facebook. We’re not sure if there is actually “too many,” but right now we’re only using two: “Real Estate” and “Austin, Texas.” We recommend starting out with at least that (but using your own city, of course).

What file format of videos does Facebook accept?

  • Facebook will upload most video file types, such as MOV and MP4.

What kind of video equipment do you recommend?

  • On this session, Chris specifically mentions the  Logitech Webcam C930e (Webcam) and the Mic Yeti Blue (Microphone).

Do you really hold your phone the whole time you’re filming a video? I want to have my hands free when I’m talking.

  • No, you don’t have to! You could bring a partner to film you, or a tripod or selfie stick.

How do I film a video using my laptop?

  • If you’re using a Mac, there is a native app called Photo Booth already on your computer that will allow you to film videos using your device’s webcam or an external camera. For PC users, try  downloading VLC .

How long should my market update videos be?

  • Aim for 2-5 minutes, and don’t go over 10.

Where can I get music to add to my videos?

  • YouTube has a  library of royalty-free music  that you can add to your videos here.

Can we use slideshow videos from Facebook in other places?

  • Yes. When you post a slideshow or Live video, you should see a small grey down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Click there to find the post’s “Embed” option (please note that you may have to click on “See more options” to find “Embed”). You’ll be able to use that code on your website if you’d like.

When I try to go Live, I get a black screen that I can’t exit from. What am I doing wrong?

  • You may need to edit your settings. Check under your Privacy options and make sure Facebook has access to both your microphone and camera. You also need a strong internet connection in order to start a video.

Why would you film a property tour using Facebook Live as opposed to a professional video?

  • It depends on the price of the listing. It doesn’t make much fiscal sense to pay for a very expensive videographer for a lower-priced listing.

Can you pause or restart a Facebook Live video?

  • No, you cannot. You will need to end the video and start another one.

What are your thoughts on door-knocking?

  • If door-knocking works for you in your market, then keep doing it. If it isn’t really working or you really hate it,

    then stop trying. We’d much rather you invest your time into your real estate business marketing plan as Chris

    illustrated during this Coaching Club Session.

  • The only exception to this is phone calling.  You must pick up the phone.  But talking to people should be fun! As

    you call people, focus on listening to your people and making relevant offers of help.

Can I and should I tag my client on a Facebook ad promoting their home to ensure that they see it?

  • We do not recommend tagging people on your ads. The only way to tag people on posts on Facebook is through your personal profile, and using your personal profile for business is kind of breaking the rules.Moreover, it’s just not very polite, and your client might feel like you’re spamming them, or your clients friends who see that tag might think that you spam your clients.
  • Instead, we recommend using Ads Manager to create a custom audience in Facebook of your past clients. Refer to our previous Facebook training in the Coaching Club Resource Library for more information on how to create a custom audience.

What is Realvolve?

  • Realvolve is our preferred CRM, and we use it to manage our database and send out our monthly e-newsletters.
  • If you’re interested in signing up for Realvolve, please review this FAQ.

Can you explain your process of social research?

  • “Social research” is a much better way of framing the idea of “stalking” your clients on social media.

  • When you make a new contact, you should enter them into your CRM. Our CRM, Realvolve, has fields for you to

    link to their social media pages as well. After you create the new contact in your CRM, go to Facebook (for example) and search for that person. Send them a friend request and update their contact record in your CRM once they accept you.

  • When it comes time for you to call that contact, first visit their social media to see if there is anything happening in their life that you could use as an ice-breaker.

When are you going to update your Evernote training?

  • Soon! We just met with a new Evernote representative to discuss the recent changes they’ve been making and

    how we will implement that as we use the app in real estate. When Evernote releases its next big update, we will

    host a training session on it.

  • In the meantime, please refer to our Evernote Hacks for Real Estate Agents Coaching Club Session as much of

    what we discuss in that training is still how we use the app today.

How do you edit the postcard template?

  • The postcards we’ve shared are samples that you can use to model your own marketing. They are not templates and cannot be edited.

How do you get accurate contact information for expired listings?

  • We’re currently testing the REDX, but please wait for our official recommendation since we are also trying to secure discounts for our Coaching Club members.