SEO Tactics and Tools

How much do your previous, personal searches affect your search engine results page?

  • A lot! Not only do your local searches impact it, but searches from your location also get filtered into the equation. 
  • The best way to test your own website is to use an incognito web browser.

Does Yoast only work with WordPress or does it word with other HTML sites?

  • Yoast is only for WordPress, but you can ask your website provider if they have any similar tools

What is the most important step to have authority for your listing?

  • After going through all the SEO steps, share that listing on social media. Especially Facebook ads!

So social media posts should drive traffic to my website and then capture on the website with CRM?

  • This is referring to a lead generation strategy. 
  • Search engine optimization in generally put into a separate category as lead generation.

My page title is way too long. What should it be?

  • Ideally you want to have a minimum of 40 characters in your title. 
  • Try to include the function, location, and your name.

What theme do you use for your website?

  • We use a custom developed theme over WordPress

What is the name of the 3D camera you use?

  • Richo Theta S. It was just under $400

So we need to have different domains of the different profiles?

  • Only for the page.

Can you add a video for the

  • Yes

What if we have a teammate and a team name? Should we do an page separate or together?

  • Do it separately. The page is for YOU!

Are the AgentID sites a substitute for the site?

  • It could be, but why not do both!

Does the number of pages on your website make a difference, and if you delete quite a few, will it make a difference?

  • Yes, but always go for quality over quantity.

I changed my Facebook business page to a personal URL, and now my Facebook link in the Google search is broken.What should I do?

  • Before you do anything, make sure your Facebook page is branded correctly.

Do you recommend labeling pictures with the property address or your URL?

  • Use the full property address.

My name is always misspelled. How can I get Google to find me?

  • One way to do it is to add versions of the misspellings.

Does your domain need to be your name or can you use a description?

  • Having your name in your domain makes finding you much easier.

Should we have them directed to my page or my website?

  • It depends on where they’re coming from. In a Google search, you don’t have much control over that.