All-Star LinkedIn Profiles

I am switching from technology to real estate and connections keep endorsing my old skills and they show up at the top, instead of my new skills. Any suggestions?

  • Add the new skills, and then use notifications to prompt people to endorse you for your new skills.

How do I include licenses in multiple states, but the same MLS?

  • Under locations, put your primary location and then include other locations in your summary.

How can you thank people for endorsing you?

  • LinkedIn will prompt you to send thank you messages to people

How do you add a white background to your profile picture?

  • We recommend taking the picture with a green screen, and then using Photoshop skills to create the white background.

Can you have two LinkedIn profiles?

  • You should only have one personal LinkedIn profile. Depending on your circumstances, might consider having multiple company pages associated with that profile. 
    • For example, if you are a partner on a team, and a coaching your own coaching company, you would make one personal page and then two separate company pages.

Several enhancement plans are available on LinkedIn, do you suggest using those?

  • The free version of LinkedIn is very robust, so only upgrade if you need a specific feature.

My license is in my incorporated name. How would I include that in my real estate company name?

  • Your name should be at the top of your personal page and your company name can be put on your company page.

Should we list non-real estate related positions?

  • Yes. It’s good to have as many past experiences as possible.

How do you see your status when you go your profile?

  • It’s listed under the Profile Strength section in the top right-hand corner.

Since I am connected with so many other Realtors on LinkedIn, is it negative to post about real estate since they are not potential buyers?

  • No. LinkedIn is supposed to be a professional identity building tool, and the posts are designed to share news and expertise in your field of work.

I do have a LinkedIn account, but when I Google myself, I don’t show up. What should I do?

  • Make sure that you have a technically complete profile and that your summary is descriptive.

Should you friend direct competitors on Facebook or LinkedIn?

  • With LinkedIn, there will be times when you might want to collaborate with groups that include companies with similar interests within your area, but ultimately the choice is yours whether to friend them or not.

Do you have any sample LinkedIn Realtor descriptions?

  • You can search Garry Wise on LinkedIn as well as some other people in your specific field of work, and use those to get ideas for your summary. Make sure that what you put on your profile is uniquely tailored to you, however.

I have a .realtor site that I am not using. Can you use that for the AgentID site?

My clients are all-season investors, can I still use the campaign for this month?

  • Yes! You can let them know that this information will help them if they want to get into real estate investment.

What do you recommend if you have the same name as someone who already has the domain?

  • Search for variations. Add your middle initial or something about your company.