Amplify Your Career by Nurturing Relationships

What is a CRM?

  • It is your Customer Relationship Management system.

What CRM system do you recommend?

  • Realvolve. We have tested a lot of systems and this one is by far the best. It was designed by agents, for agents!

What if a contact in your database has an incorrect phone number or email address?

  • Try their mailing address or if they have a unique name you could search for them through the tax records.

When you invited people to your database how did you gather the information you needed?

  • Through tax records.

How long should individuals stay in the ‘D’ or ‘C’ category?

  • There was someone in Garry’s ‘C’ list who had not responded to him for 11 years. Garry continued to send him emails. He was contacted by him recently because his son was moving to Austin. The lesson here is do not remove people because you never know when they might contact you!

What is the name of your desk?

  • It is from

Email providers are generally enforcing stricter permissions and are requiring tangible and verifiable opt-ins?

  • When you ask someone “Can I email you?” and they agree, they have opted it!

Are the workflows you mentioned available in Realvolve now?

  • Yes! Email to get the installation code!

Have you used Every Door Direct Mail?

  • Yes we use it.