Landing Page Demo/What's My Home Worth?

Does the home value page on your website provide an instant home value online?

  • The one on the GoodLife Realty website provides an instant email with a range for the value. The one on LeadPages does not provide an instant home value, but instead provides a notification for you to then followup with.

When you do split testing with variations on landing pages, do you advertise to the same audience?

  • When you bring traffic to the website, LeadPages takes care of the split testing to randomize which page traffic is sent to and you can select what percentage of traffic goes to each page. 
  • Remember that it takes time to improve the conversion rate on landing pages.

What URLs can be used for Landing Pages? Do they use your site domain?

  • There are 2 options: 
    • 1) use a custom site domain 
    • 2) use a WordPress site plugin to track.

Would I be able to use the paid templates more than one time?

  • Yes, you can! Once you’ve purchased those paid templates, they are available for you to use any time you want.

Should I use a LeadPage template for a property landing page or use my own website?

  • Normally, you want the site traffic for your listings to go to your primary website. However, if your website doesn’t have an attractive property landing page or is of an old web standard, it could hurt you by creating abad impression on your potential customers.
  • Check out the listing landing pages we offer as part of ourAgentID Site. How-To Post A Listing

If the contact information is not the same as the property information, what do you include?

  • Adding the property information to our sample ad is a great idea!

What do you recommend as a good-working website.

  • This depends on your budget and what you’d like to achieve. Before we launched the AgentID Sites, we would have recommended exploring Placester, as they provide very inexpensive real estate websites and you could go all the way up to a custom page.

Should I use the market snapshot home evaluation tool?

  • Yes, you can use this. The home evaluation tool is an alternative. 
  • Market snapshot is a tool that provides an instant evaluation when you provide a property address and email address. 
    • Major problems we had with the market snapshot tool included: the inability to customize the opt-in feature, you are limited on how you display the form, and you can’t customize the landing page to make it more attractive. Therefore, we recommend this as a tool to take care of existing customers as long as you aren’t paying to get them to a page.

Do you recommend using the Facebook sign-in feature on LeadPages?

  • Yes, you can use this. Chris has not used this because not everyone had Facebook accounts and the privacy-related information.

Is this for when you’re not trying to drive customers to a third-party service?

  • If you buy LeadPages, Chris recommends buying your own domain so this traffic stays yours.

For marketing purposes, do you try to stay with the same image for all marketing?

  • No, we mix it up to see which image gets the best response. We also recommend that you use current real estate listings.

What is the privacy policy? Should we add this to our websites?

  • Yes, it’s a best practice to state how the information is used. If you Google “website policy privacy template” you will see a lot of examples.

Do you need a website to use a LeadPage?

  • No, you do not. That’s one of the great things about LeadPages

Have you used Instapage?

  • No, we have not used it yet.

Can I customize my URL name?

  • Yes, you can, but we recommends purchasing a domain to appear directly on LeadPages.

Your request form does not require the information to be filled in.

  • True. On your own lead pages, you could clarify and say you need an address to fill out a home value.
  • Remember though that the more fields you require people to fill out, the fewer people will fill out the form. We recommend, therefore, only asking for the information you need to be able to fulfill the promise.

What about

  • We use it for marketing newsletters, but we don’t use any of the landing page options that they provide. We’ve found it’s a great tool for producing excellent emails but not as great of a tool for landing pages.

What is the difference between a landing page and a pop-up on my website?

  • A landing page is a call to action for filling out a form. 
  • A pop-up allows you to pop-up over existing content, and it’s effective for building email lists but less effective for making a direct offer for individuals. Pop-up technologies you could investigate are Mail punch or Optin Monster.