Facebook Ad Demos: Agent-Branded and Open House

Can you see or engage with those people who indicate on the Facebook open house event that they are interested or going?

  • Unless they comment on the event page, no. 
  • In our experience, it’s pretty rare for someone to say they are attending an open house and not actually show up, so you should get an opportunity to engage with them in person at the event anyway. 
  • As another strategy, you can write comments on the event page, which you can use to communicate to the people who mark “interested” or “going” since they will get notifications from Facebook about your updates.

Have you tried running a few ads in the same neighborhood to try and get name recognition?

  • Absolutely. That's why we do the Just Listed or Just Sold campaigns, and they are very successful in generating leads and getting our name out there, especially in conjunction with other Facebook ads, such as the Agent-Branded and Open House ads.

Where do you post the listing price in the open house event?

  • At GoodLife Realty, we have not been listing the price on the open house event. 
  • If you would like to, however, you can do it in the text or headline of the ad, or in the event name or description.

Where would you suggest a good place to link your agent brand to if you don’t have a company website?

  • We highly recommend that you setup your AgentID Site, the free website included with your Paperless AgentCoaching Club membership! How-To Setup Your AgentID Site
    • You can write a bio, add blog articles (in addition to the ones we publish for you monthly), and even create pages all about your listings.

I have people liking my home evaluation ads without asking for a home evaluation. Should I reach out to them?

  • If you want to reach out to them, the best way would be to send them a message them via Facebook to just casually let them know you are available if they need real estate help.

Do you post the listing price in the open house event?

  • We are not putting price on ours, but you definitely could. It helps people qualify themselves if they are a good fit to attend or not.

Why did you do a budget of $25 for the open house campaign?

  • It’s what we've done for awhile and have tested to be successful.

How do I select a specific zip code for an Ad?

  • By using Ads Manager to run your Facebook ads, you are able to zero in on exact demographics in the Ad Set step.

Have you done a webinar where you target by interests?

  • In our Facebook Marketing for Real Estate program, we talk a little bit about targeting by interest. 
  • In our experience at GoodLife Realty, the only interest categories that tends to work are “luxury" and "real estate investing.” We don’t spend much time marketing to these interests, however, as it is not as effective as other targeting options, such as “likely to move” or “homeowner."

How did you get to see how it looks in the newsfeed?

  • When you preview the ad in Ads Manager, you are able to see how it looks finished. You can even see how your ad will look on mobile!

Would one target buyers in an area where they already live?

  • Statistically speaking, when people move it is less than 15 miles from their current home, so if you account for that, then most likely it will be beneficial. 
  • When you are marketing to sellers, then you can get even tighter with your radius.

Your audience is in the red. Will the ad still be effective?

  • The size of the audience is not as important as the quality of the audience.

Income brackets are not available in Canada, nor is “likely to move.” What do you suggest?

  • Depending on the countries are different demographics on Facebook. 
  • We suggest posting this question into the Facebook private group to see if anyone else in Canada has alternatives to that that they have found.

Can you freeform draw an area instead of circle?

  • No, you cannot freeform draw at this time.

Can you do a subdivision instead of a zip code?

  • The best way to do that is to drop a pin and use a radius around that pin to specify a subdivision.

Facebook does not allow me to set a daily budget below $5?

  • Under Objective, you will choose “Website clicks." Scroll down to “Optimization and pricing," and change when you get charged to “impression." 
  • When you select impression, you can run it for $1/day. This has no impact on the effectiveness of the ad; it's just changing when you get charged by Facebook.