Just Listed Facebook Ad Demo

Can you have a different URL destination for each card?

  • Yes, you can. The fact that you can actually have the same one is a new feature.

How often does Facebook bill you for your ads?

  • Once a month.

Can you clarify what a card is?

  • If you are familiar with Pinterest, think of each card as a separate pin: they each have an image, headline, and URL attached to them.

Does Facebook only pull the copy in when you have selected a single image ad type?

  • Facebook will pull copy from the website for specific areas like the headline, the image, and the text. 
  • In the single image ad type, it does pull in a little bit more information, but it does show destination URL, the headline, etc.

Can you give the optimal settings for different types of ads?

  • What we teach you in the Coaching Club is what we do in our ad creations for GoodLife Realty, our associated brokerage in Austin, Texas. These are the settings that work for us here in our market, but please remember that each area is different. We can’t give you specific settings for your ads because it all depends on the area and market that you serve.

Can you edit your saved audience?

  • Yes, when you come into “Saved Audience," you can scroll down and click on the edit button to modify.

Do you know the best time to post ads for Just Listed campaigns?

  • It all depends on when people are perusing Facebook, which is why we let Facebook optimize the ad distribution. They will only show your ad to people who are using the social media platform at that time, and any time (regardless of hour) people see your ad, it will have the desired effect of increasing your market presence and promoting your listing.

Do you suggest we post our listings in LinkedIn?

  • No, that is a professional network you do not want to be spamming. 
  • It's okay to feature a project or a video you have done, but not to try to sell your listings.

Do I need a landing page service if I have a website?

  • That depends on your ability to customize the landing page on your website. If you do not have the ability to bring your landing page up-to-date then we recommend signing up for a service such as LeadPages or to use the landing page options available through your AgentID Site.

Do I have to set up an ad account on Facebook to create new ads?

  • You already do have an ad account because every person's Facebook profile has an associated ad account with it; it is at your personal profile level. However, you will need to add a credit card to it in order to run ads.

Was this ad created before the ad budget minimum was raised to $5?

  • The way to get around that is to change your optimization and pricing in the ad set level. You change when you get charged to “impression." That will allow you to run ads for as little as $1/day.

Does anyone know if these are available in Canada?

  • There are different targeting options out there based on the country that you are in.

What would you select in regards to demographics to reach second-home buyers looking for resort properties?

  • That will likely be a combination of a few demographics: the geographic range, price point, and pieces of interest for second-home buyers. 
  • Split-testing will be very beneficial for you in this situation, so go into“Audience" and play around with the options to find your best combination.

"Likely to Move" used to only work for national audience. Does it work well for local too?

  • Absolutely! However, you have to make sure enough people are in that local area. Your potential targeting needs to be in several hundred to a few thousand in terms of an audience in order for “Likely to Move” to work as a targeting option.

Can I just do a boost post and get the same results?

  • No! Boosting a post does not allow you to specify the audience you want to get in front of to the degree that Ads Manager does.

Have you heard anything about Realtors not using the words value or valuation when using market analysis?

  • We use the phrase “What's my home worth” so as to not make any promises.

Where do you prepare Facebook ads? 

Can you exclude local realtors?

  • Yes, you can. If you download a list of all the Realtors in your area, you can upload that to a custom audience and exclude them from your audience. 
  • You can learn more about custom audiences in our Going Local on Facebook Coaching Club Session.

Do you consider the number of website registration over views?

  • When promoting a listing, your first responsibility is to the seller. Therefore, the ad’s purpose is to promote the listing first, then get website registrations later. However, when you do lead generation, then your primary objective would be website registration.

How can I do this with my company listings?

  • Talk to a listing agent in your brokerage who has a listing and ask them to promote it as practice.

Can you share the ad on your personal page as well?

  • You can definitely do that.

What is an auction buying type?

  • The way in which you bid for ads on Facebook.