Technologies for Closing Buyers Faster

How do you find ways to ways to make closing buyers faster and so that you can do more transactions?

  • We have a lot of scripts and dialogues for you to use, but it all comes down to how you set the clients’ expectations. The first contact and the initial phone consultation are crucial.

What are your opinions about the new iPad Pro?

  • We think the iPad Pro is way too big for use on a buyer tour, though it would work in a listing appointment.

Why does the address link in Evernote not work after the first address on that tour?

  • Firstly, please remember that address hyperlinks are only created while using Evernote on your iPad or iPhone.
  • Second, while the note is in editing mode, it will not create hyperlinks. Type in the addresses, go into a different note, then navigate back to your property tour note. You will see that the hyperlinks have been created. Refer to our Evernote for Real Estate Field Manual for more instructions on this.

Is there a good app that calculates buyer's closing costs?

  • No, because closing costs are different for every lender, state, and brokerage.

Have others had issues with hotspot in connection with iPad?

  • You can use a hotspot if your iPad does not have data or is not on WiFi. 
  • To use your iPhone for hotspot tap on settings>personal hotspot>then turn on. That allows you to connect to your phone to connect to the internet. 
  • If you're having issues with your hotspot connect, we recommend that you contact your service provider.

Can you pre-create empty folders in Evernote with the templates you always use so you don’t forget them?

  • Yes! In fact, we have created a template notebook with all of the templates you need to use. 
  • Join the Paperless Agent Created Evernote Templates notebook and the Member-Shared Evernote Templates notebook by emailing us at

Once we have downloaded these apps on one of my Apple device, will I be able to use it on all of them?

  • Yes, you only have to buy it on one device.

How is it that we create these shortcuts on your iPad for all of these apps that are not actually apps?

  • Using Safari, navigate to the website for which you want to create a shortcut. In the top right hand corner, click on the box with an arrow on it (the Share icon). At the bottom, scroll down, and click ‘add to home screen.’Then you can name the shortcut and then select add.

Is DocuSign significantly superior to Digital Ink?

  • In our opinion, yes. Digital Ink created issues for Garry in the past. DocuSign has provided zero breakdown experience.

What is the open house app that you use?

  • We recommend Open Home Pro. It allows you to track everyone who comes into the house and allows you to set up an automatic email drip system to share the home’s info with the potential clients after the open house.

Do we need to upgrade Evernote?

  • For storage and annotation purposes, you’re will need at least Evernote Plus, just over $2/month. If you really want more bonus features, then Premium is the way to go. 
  • Visit to check out the different features there to find out what works for you.

Is Open Home Pro connected to Realvolve CRM?

  • I don’t believe so.

How do I find out what version of Evernote I have?

  • Tap on the elephant icon in the top left of your Evernote app. It will pull up your administrative slider. Tap on the gear in the top left, and it will show you what version you have.

Which CRM do you use?

  • Realvolve! Coaching Club members get our Paperless Agent workflows!
  • Email to get the code for those workflows.

What if you have supporting documentation with offers you need to submit?

  • You can add additional documents in DocuSign as you create a template.

What is a good value estimator?

  • For just $25/month, TouchCMA is the best option we’ve found. It allows you to have an awesome buyer and seller presentation, and it will create a CMA on the fly. 
  • TouchCMA is not available in every market, however, if it’s not available in yours, check out CloudCMA.

Is it possible to alter an offer in DocuSign?

  • You can take a new field and cover over an old price, but if you are creating a new offer for someone, you should go back and create a new offer template.