Online Reviews and Ratings

Do you ask clients to leave a review on one of these review collection sites or multiple?

  • The most important location for reviews is Google, but your clients do need a Gmail address in order to write a review on Google. Consider that when deciding where to send your clients.
  • All things equal, though, we encourage you to try and alternate where you are sending your clients. 

How do I figure out if I already have an account on these review sites?

  • Go to those sites, and search your business on those individual sites. 

How do you resolve the issue of 200+ agents at the same office location and business address?

  • If you have your name in your Google My Business profile, the people searching for you will be able to easily discern which are reviews for you versus reviews for other agents at your office. If you are still concerned, however, you can change your profile to not show a physical address so you are not competing for the same physical location. You would use the "Artists, brands and organizations” category on Google My Business to do this. 

What if your office location is not the same area you focus on for business?

  • That's okay, what you are doing is staking a claim on the business entity online. 

On these profiles as well as your personal website, you should definitely make the areas you do service explicit. How do you feel about getting reviews on Angie's List?

  •  We have never focused on it. 

Do we need to have a LinkedIn Premium membership to post the LinkedIn content of the Digital Marketing Campaign?

  • No, you do not. LinkedIn may choose to display advertising next to what you share. 

Most of my connections on LinkedIn are other Realtors. Should I drop these connections and start over, or is that still helpful?

  • There is good reason to have a lot of real estate people connected to you, especially as a networking tool. Ask yourself the question, “Who is the intended audience for the information I am sharing?" It can be for real estate agents and clients alike. You want to provide a sense of confidence to buyers and sellers as well as to the real estate community. 

Do you send the email marketing campaign to everyone in your database or just buyer prospects?

  • Send it to everyone, not just buyer prospects. We are purposefully designing the content to hit on different interests and points throughout the year. Just because a contact might not interested in buying real estate today, doesn’t mean they won't be in the future. You’ll want to stay top-of-mind for them when they do make that switch in mindset.