Fine-Tuning Your Online Identity

Only Google users can give you a review for your Google+ page, correct?

  • Yes. But it is very quick to get an account with Google. If the client does not want an account, then send them to Yelp or your website to write a review.

How do you manage a less than favorable review?

  • This does happen to everyone and the thing to focus on is what you can do about it. The best strategy is to respond online (a public response).
  • Do not get defensive; you need to be seen trying to take care of the customer. Also, it would be worth calling that client because then you can address the real issue. If you have been able to help them you can ask them to update the review (don’t ask them to remove it.) Review our training on Online Ratings and Reviews for more tips.

Do you use your personal Facebook page as your business page?

  • No! Firstly, that is a violation of the terms of use. Second, you will be crossing a boundary with your friends who will not be expecting you to constantly be promoting your business. 
  • Create a separate business page and you can promote that business page on your personal page.

I have one email address with Gmail but I am running out of space, what do I do?

  • Pay the $2 for more space.

Do I want to connect with anyone that requests to on LinkedIn?

  • No because LinkedIn is for professional relationships. With Facebook you can be more open with who you friend because that is a more social site. You want your LinkedIn connections to be tighter and people you actually know.

I noticed Garry doesn’t have any ratings on, is that because you focus on Google reviews instead?

  • It has only just launched and also most luxury sales never hit the market so the client cannot review and rate.

Where can I download the bio-writing checklist?

  • You can download the 10-Step Bio-Writing Checklist in the Resource Library.

Do you have any suggestions for if you change your name?

  • You could keep a professional name or use the dash in the domain name so you are still searchable.

Should the bio be written in the 1st or 3rd person?

  • Since this session, we’ve changed our answer to the first person. Download our 10-Step Bio-Writing Checklist in the Resource Library.