February Digital Campaign and SEO Primer

Any suggestions on a website provider?

  • It is difficult to give a “one-site-fits-all” site because a lot of it depends on what you want from that website. One that is cost-effective and easy to use is “Placester”. However, you get a free website with your Coaching Club subscription. Check out our AgentID Site articles for more information. 

If the page already exists with bad titles and descriptions, can they be changed? If so, how?

  • Yes! You can always go back and update your pages. You will have to go and contact the website provider that you have and let them know the changes you would like to make

Is your landing page simply a blog post?

  • Yes, but it is modified to look better.

How do you feel about all the companies selling SEO services, claiming they can get you on the front page of Google?

  • We personally don’t use those services, but we have researched them and found that many of them are expensive and don’t use tactics that will work in the long run.

Is it ok to name miscellaneous pictures with our team name?

  • Only if your team is in the pictures. You don’t want to give a inaccurate image name.

Is it best to have the page title the same for each page?

  • You should have a unique page title for each one of your pages

Do you require the reader to provide valid contact information before downloading the PDF of the Digital MarketingCampaign?

  • No, because they are already in your database.

Does anyone worry about if protesting property taxes hurting values in the area?

  • No. The appraisals do not have anything to do with the value, but instead with the market.

The digital campaign seems labor-intensive for people who are not looking to sell.

  • The actual number of people who will actually take you up on your offer won’t be that big. The goal is to provide them with them option now, so that they will come to you when they are ready later.