CRM Best Practices and Campaigns

Where do you put your prospects that are not yet clients?

  • Garry would create a contact in the CRM and label them as a prospect

I’ve been with Realvolve for awhile but I’m intimidated creating workflows.

  • The team at GoodLife Realty has created workflows for the 11-step email sequences for everyone who signs up for The Paperless Agent. Once you have these, you’ll simply add people to the database and to a workflow and they’ll receive the communication set up
  • TIP: You must sign up through The Paperless Agent Realvolve link or Realvolve won’t know you’re a Paperless

    Agent coaching member.

How does Realvolve interface with IOS devices?

  • Though Realvolve does not have an official app right now, the website is mobile responsive so you can log in on your iPad, Android, iPhone, etc.

How would you categorize someone who would not refer you but would transact?

  • As an A because if you know they’ll transact with you, that’s like a referral.

Can you import from Google Contacts to Realvolve?

  • Yes, under Settings, select Google Sync and you can sync everything from Google, such as contacts, activities, and more.

Do we have a code as part of The Paperless Agent Coaching Club to sign up with Realvolve?

  • See the Resources section of this Cheat Sheet for the link and directions to sign up for Realvolve

Do you use your CRM as a transaction log for each transaction? 

  • Absolutely! You want to make sure you document everything in a real estate transaction to protect yourself and your broker.

Is it better to use a standalone CRM or those combined with a website?

  • If you aren’t using Realvolve, you need to make sure you work with a CRM that will take inquiries from your website and automatically put them in your CRM like Realvolve does.

Do you keep client records in Evernote and Realvolve?

  • In Realvolve, there’s a notes icon on the right-hand side. If you create notes in Realvolve, it also becomes an attachment in Evernote, so they are synced.

Are you using Realvolve in-house?

  • Yes, the entire team is using it. Garry personally has 6,291 contacts in his Realvolve system. There are also brokerage packages which will allow administrators to help agents manage their emails, contacts, etc.

In Realvolve sign-up, it’s asking which subscription to join?

  • It depends on what you need it for. For example, with 27 members GoodLife Realty has an enterprise subscription. If you’re a single agent, sign up for the standard.
  • Tip: Do not sign up from the Realvolve website, but be sure you use The Paperless Agent link.

When signing up, what is the subdomain used for and how important is the name we use?

  • If you have a team name, such as GoodLife Realty, you would put that name in for the subdomain. The name used is not that important, it’s just for you.

Do we need a promotional code?

  • You’ll need the installation code to install the workflows. Email to get that. 

As a Coaching member, do I need to make the decision today to get the workflows?

  • No, you don’t have to sign up right now, but you may want to reach out to find out when the promotion will end.

If we have more than 3 people, can we still get the lower price by signing up through your link?

  • No, if you have more than 3 people, you’ll just need to sign up for the appropriate version. If the price does increase, you’ll get grandfathered in with The Paperless Agent.

Can Realvolve integrate with various lead generation sources?

  • You may want to reach out to Realvolve or submit a question with where you’re getting all your lead generation sources from, and they’ll find out if they integrate. You can contact them at

How do you get the link from Facebook to connect it?

  • Go to Facebook, search for the contact and go to their profile page, click on the hyperlink in the browser, copy it, and then go to that person’s contact record and paste the hyperlink there.

Is there a process to get contacts from Top Producer to Realvolve?

  • Realvolve has an enormous resource library in their help section. If you type in Top Producer, there’s a PDF titled How to Migrate from Top Producer.

Can three team members share the same contact base?

  • Yes, absolutely!

If you have 11 follow-up emails, how do you keep track of what email should go out to who?

  • This is the magic of workflows! When you add someone to a workflow, it adds them to that sequence the moment that you add them.

If we already have a CRM and we’re Club members, will we have an opportunity to review the templates?

  • The templates are the exact same email nurture sequences that we’ve shared with you on calls in the past.You’re getting exactly what we’ve been teaching.

Does Realvolve manage lead distribution such as round robin?

  • No, it does not manage these.

What if you have a lot of email communication with a contact, but they aren’t moving up from prospect to lead?

  • Schedule a phone call with the individual, and follow the initial phone consultation scripts and workflow.

Are the workflows specific to GoodLife or generic?

  • They are generic and can be customized.

Are all fields searchable? Can you export to Excel? Can you create custom fields?

  • Yes, all fields are searchable and can be exported to Excel. You cannot create custom fields yet, but Dave and his Realvolve team have discussed this.

Are there plans for a lower price point for a single agent?

  • No, the lowest price point they will ever have is $37 for a single agent

Does the system automatically pause the campaign once communication has been initiated, or do you need to pause them manually?

  • You would pause these manually, and this is because you need to engage with your CRM and manage your database.