January Network Marketing Campaign

What is the expected timespan to complete all the steps of the Digital Marketing Campaign?

  • We suggest spending the first week of the month with the online components and the next three weeks making the phone calls.
  • Posting the blog and social media post should take 10 to 20 minutes depending on your familiarity with posting to your blog or profile. Sending the emails out make take a while if you’re doing individual emails, but if you have an email system it will only take another five minutes.
  • If you want, you can spread out the blog post, social post, and email. Just be sure that after the emails are sent to start making the phone calls right away, since the email is what you are going to be calling people about.

Can I send people text messages instead of calling them?

  • Because text messages are a much more intimate form of communication, we strongly discourage texting people for marketing purposes. The exception to this would be if you were already on this level of familiarity with someone.

You said not to text message people, but then the social media post asks people to message the agent. Why? 

  • For the social media post, it’s appropriate for people to message you on social media if they so choose. This is not the same as sending someone a text message on their cell phone.

Are the pictures provided for full use or is attribution needed?

  • We own all these pictures, so no attribution is needed.

Will the Digital Marketing Campaign be available for Apple products? Word documents don’t seem to convert as well on a Mac.

  • We created it on a Mac using Pages, so if you have the Pages application it should open fine. If you don’t have Pages and are having difficulties, email us for a PDF version.

Is it possible to edit the PDF report?

  • The PDF is not editable because this would have compromised the font and appearance. The box for the contact information, however, is editable and resizable.

What day of the month will these campaigns come out?

  • The Digital Marketing Campaign will be uploaded to the AgentID sites the first Wednesday of every month.

I have questions about setting up a blog and how often to post. Help!

How often should I post on my blog?

  • We like to do one post a week (a minimum of 1200) words for our brokerage website. To truly be maximizing SEO, a website should strive for 1,200-word posts every day for 18 months. Luckily, that’s not what we are focusing on and not what you should be focusing on either. The key to results for agents is building identity and maintaining network relationships, and our Digital Marketing Campaign makes that easy!

Won’t this blog post hurt my SEO if all the other members are also posting it? 

  • While maximizing SEO is always beneficial, the main goal here is not to rank on national searches such as “National Housing Market,” but rather to ensure that when people do local searches in a particular area, they will find you. Keyword traffic is secondary to building identity and providing value to your customers and potential customers.