A key part of Week 5 of REDM Live is to rehearse talking about your new marketing promise being made to sellers. In order to make sure you accomplish that, one of your assignments is to post a Facebook Live video of you rehearsing your listing presentation to the Listing Presentation Practice Group on Facebook.

There are two parts of this article, so make sure to scroll down to read both.

  1. How to Join the Listing Presentation Group (two options)
  2. How to submit your Week 5 assignment

How to Join the Listing Presentation Practice Group

1. Click here to go directly to theĀ Listing Presentation Practice Group

2. Request to Join the Group.


1. Go to Facebook on your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.)

2. Then search for "Listing Presentation Practice Group"

3. Then request to Join the Group

Being accepted might take a day or two, so make sure to request to join the group early on in the week.

How to Submit Your Week 5 Assignment

1. When you are ready to record your practice video, tap in the Post area. In the screenshot below, the Post area says "Write something...," but yours might look different.

2. Then select "Live Video"

3. Then tap "Go Live" and record your video! When done, there will be a prompt to end the live video. Facebook will only share this video with the group, so don't worry about your network seeing it!