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Agent Branded Campaign: An Agent-Branded Facebook ad is a sponsored post that appears in the Facebook newsfeed of potential Real Estate clients in your chosen market areas. It profiles you as a Real Estate professional, highlights your branding, quickly offers your contact information, and redirects anyone who clicks on it to a lead generation page. 

For the Agent Branded Campaign Checklist, and this Coaching Calls Cheat Sheet - follow this link: https://dashboard.thepaperlessagent.com/lessons/2016-04-20-coaching-session

Just Listed/Just Sold Campaign: In this campaign, you create a Facebook Ad to promote your listings both to people in the neighborhood (to build your market presence and establish yourself as the agent helping people buy and sell property in the area) and to put the listing in front of potential buyers, or potential sellers. 

For the Just Listing/Just Sold Campaign Checklist, the Coaching Call Cheat Sheet, Analyzing Facebook Campaigns Checklist, and Tweaking Your Campaigns Checklist - follow this link: https://dashboard.thepaperlessagent.com/lessons/2016-08-17-coaching-session

Open House Campaign: An open house can generate massive amounts of interest in your listing, which is crucial to appeasing your sellers’ need for you to market their home to potential buyers. Having the advertisement on Facebook, where you can show your sellers the number of people who have viewed the ad and RSVP'd to the event, gives them tangible proof of your efforts on their behalf. Using Facebook to promote your open house event also has a number of benefits for you as an agent. Hosting an open house for a home in your farm area provides you excellent exposure to future potential seller clients, and advertising it on Facebook ensures that even the ones who don’t see your open house signs over the weekend will be notified of your presence in their neighborhood. You’ll also be telling potential homebuyers that you are an innovative and smart Realtor who they want to work with!

For the Open House Campaign Checklist, and the Coaching Call Cheat Sheet - follow this link: https://dashboard.thepaperlessagent.com/lessons/2017-01-18-coaching-session

Whats My Home Worth Campaign: With this campaign the objective is simple: capture seller leads by offering free, online assessment for their home. When someone considers selling their home, often their biggest question is: What's my home worth? To find out, most sellers will turn to the internet (rather than calling an agent). A free online home value assessment is a no hassle, easy way for sellers to get the information they want. Fortunately, you can get in front of these sellers and capitalize on this desire for information with Facebooks audience selection features. You can show them an ad that offers a free online assessment, and when they click that ad, they can enter their information in exchange for the assessment. 

You’ll need a service that can provide this assessment. We recommendhomevalueleads.com.

For a tutorial video on the landing page, the Coaching Call Cheat Sheet, and a sample 'Whats My Home Worth' Landing Page - follow this link: https://dashboard.thepaperlessagent.com/lessons/2016-05-04-coaching-session

*The Whats My Home Worth Campaign Checklist is not on the Coaching Call. It has been attached to the bottom of this article instead.*