PLEASE NOTE: The below is only applicable for members of The Paperless Agent programs. If you are not a member, you can reach out to Disqus' support team directly using the email address

In order to use Disqus, the app that hosts the discussion boards in REDM Live, you first need to verify your email address. If you have not received the verification email from Disqus, try these troubleshooting suggestions:


  • Go into your Spam folder to make sure it's not hiding in there. The email should have come from
  • Visit your Disqus account and verify that your email address is typed in correctly. Here's a quick link to your Account Settings in Disqus:
  • Try creating a Disqus account using another email address. From conversations with other REDMers, it seems like the confirmation emails from Disqus are getting filtered pretty heavily.


If none of those suggestions work, unfortunately we will have to escalate this to Disqus' support team since they are a third-party app and we do not have access to their backend technology. 


Send an email to titled "Missing Disqus Verification Email" and include the email address(es) you've used to create an account with Disqus. We have a ticket in with Disqus and should be able to request that they manually verify your account. They typically respond within 2 business days to our emails.


What to Do While You Wait

In the meantime, you have a couple of options.

  • You can still get a ton of value from the course without the discussion boards from the videos, quizzes, worksheets, and Office Hours. Reading your peers' comments in the discussions will be enlightening as well.
  • If accountability is what you need, you can send in the comments you would like to post to, and we can post them on your behalf. You wouldn't get notifications when someone responds to these, but you could just keep your eye on the boards. Refer to our solution article How to Search in Disqus to quickly locate your discussion answers.