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The Disqus tool has several "sorting" options that can help you find specific comments more easily. The three sorting options are: "Best," "Newest," and "Oldest." Choosing "Newest" or "Oldest" will sort the comments on that specific discussion board by time they were posted, while the "Best" option will put the comments that have received the most upvotes and replies at the top.

Sorting Options in Disqus

To locate specific comments within the discussion boards, we recommend using the "Find" feature of your web browser. This function is best used on a laptop or desktop browser. On a Mac, you will press Command+F to use "find." For devices running Windows, it is typically CTRL+F. 

Once you have activated the Find feature, you will type in the keyword you are searching for. Please note that Find will only search through the text that is loaded on the page, so if you cannot locate the commend you're looking for, you may have to "Load More Comments" at the bottom of the page.

Find and Load More Comments in Disqus