To purchase a new domain name for your AgentID Site, please follow the link below.

We recommend purchasing a domain through GoDaddy, however if you would like to purchase a .realtor domain, or a domain through any other registrar company that is also fine! However, we are only certified to setup GoDaddy domains so we will be unable to setup your AgentID Site for you if you choose to use a different registrar. 

To purchase a recommended GoDaddy domain please click the link below:

Tips for choosing a domain name:

  • Try not create a lengthy domain name. 
  • If you cannot fit both your first and last name into a domain try choosing just your first initial plus your last name.

          Example: is too long so instead I will choose

  • Use the name that your clients refer to you as.
          Example: I go by SJ, but most people call me by my last name, DiBiasi. So I have chosen a domain name based on what name                           I am referenced to most. is an easily remembered domain name that represents me when clients                                         think of it. 

  • If you cannot find the domain name you are looking for, try choosing a different domain filter. 

          Example: is not available. so I chose 

  • Do not put realtor in your domain name. If you would like realtor in your domain we recommend purchasing a .realtor domain. That is more credible than just putting 'realtor' somewhere in the domain name.
  • Try and create an easy to remember domain name for easy reference when talking to clients.
  • You do not need to include the area you are from in your domain name for it to be searchable, however it is recommended for referencing purposes.