Yes, our training will work on any device, such as a Windows tablet, Android tablet or laptop. I will say that the WOW factor is less when you do it on a laptop versus a tablet, but you'll still be miles ahead of your binder-lugging competition.


You can certainly do our training on your Android tablet, you just need a few substitutions for the apps, which I have listed for you below:


  1. Calendar (the one native to your tablet)
  2. Maps (native to your tablet)
  3. Contacts (native to your tablet)
  4. Photos (the native app that stores your pictures on your tablet)
  5. Mail (native to your tablet)
  6. Music (native to your tablet)
  7. App store (native to your tablet)
  8. Powerpoint or Keynote
  9. Web browser (if Internet Explorer is the one native to your tablet, we recommend downloading Firefox or Google Chrome)
  10. mobile app
  11. Mortgage Payment Calculator
  12. Docusign
  13. Evernote


All the functionality of the downloaded apps (Evernote and Docusign, for example) will be the same on your tablet, they will just look a little different from our training videos.